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Introducing NGS technologies - Webinars/ Tutorials/ Videos

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NGS Technologies - Webinars/ Tutorials/ Videos

 NGS Technologies Webinars

BioRad Droplet Digital™ PCR Applications for Next Generation Sequencing

(61 min, BioRad) The webinar describes the application and benefits of digital PCR for low frequency mutation detection during multiplexing or barcoding of cancer samples. It explains the advantages of multiplexing of libraries. A specific digital PCR kit for Illumina NGS is introduced. The kit is for digital PCR using adaptor sequences.


Illumina Sequencing Technology

Very clear five minute introduction to the Illumina bridge amplification technology.


Ion Torrent™ next-gen sequencing technology

A brief three minutes introduction to the ion torrent technology.


Nanopore Technology - UIUC and Johns Hopkins Collaboration

This short four minutes video describes the nano pore technology. It is a very clear and easy to understand description of the technology.


Single Molecule Real Time Sequencing (SMRT) - Pacific Biosciences

(4 min, 2011) A very short PacBio introduction of the SMART single molecule real time sequencing technology. Very simple and nice technology introduction!


454 Sequencing System Technology Roche

Seven minute introduction to the Roche 454 pyrosequencing technology.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Genome Sequencing Technologies

This 15 minutes video is a very nice introduction to sequencing starting from DNA investigation, introduce Sanger sequencing and different next generation sequencing technologies (Roche 454, Illumina bridge amplification, Solid, PacBio, Helixos) Additional, a short introduction to alignment using blast is included.


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