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Find Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Webinars

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General NGS Webinars/ Tutorials/ Videos

This website introduces a number of NGS workshops, tutorials and videos comprising different aspect of NGS such as practical technical aspects including methylation, sample and library preparation. Webinars about infectious diagnostic and clinical microbiology are also provided. Additionally, different web resources for webinars are presented including webinars of commercial NGS product and software provider that introduce their products and applications. These webinars partially require login and in some cases are webex based. Some of the webinars are live webinars and are not stored after presentation for further usage. For more information please visit these web resources regularly.  More specific webinars are listed in the corresponding categories. If we missed any webinar or you would like to add webinars & tutorials please contact us

 NGS General and Workflow

An Integrated Approach to Assay Selection and Validation

Thursday, September 10, 2015
This webinar will provide an overview of factors important in clinical NGS test development and validation guidelines for clinical NGS tests. The professional standards and guidelines for quality and compliance that have been developed to date will be discussed and aspects such as instrument validation, assay/test validation, quality management, proficiency testing, and the use of reference materials during routine testing will be emphasized.

A Novel Approach to Epigenetic Methylation Analysis

Altered DNA methylation is an important regulator of gene expression contributing to a wide range of normal and disease phenotypes. While the number of whole genome bisulfite sequencing studies is rapidly growing, the sequencing costs associated with such studies can be quite large. Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) allows researchers to obtain quantitative DNA methylation information across many important features of the genome with approximately 50-fold fewer sequencing reads than are needed with whole genome bisulfite sequencing, resulting in substantial sequencing cost reduction.During this webinar we will describe and present data from a novel approach to RRBS. The Ovation® RRBS Methyl-Seq System can be used to generate RRBS libraries suitable for sequencing on Illumina platforms in a single day using 100 ng of human genomic DNA without gel-based size selection. The approach overcomes two challenges traditionally associated with the RRBS approach, namely the problem of low base diversity and the inability to identify PCR duplicates. Both problems have now been surmounted, allowing researchers to easily generate high-quality RRBS data.


DNA Methylation 5-mC and 5-hmC Sequencing


NGS Target-Enrichment Strategies Enable Precision Medicine

A login is required. This webinar will address how target-enrichment tools for next-generation sequencing can be used to identify clinically relevant and tumor-specific mutations in clinical research samples. Margarete Odenthal, research scientist at the University Hospital Cologne, will discuss how her team used a disease-focused approach to analyze the mutation status of different tumors and its application in a clinical cancer research setting. Vikram Devgan, director of biological research content at QIAGEN, will talk about the critical success factors necessary to move from sample acquisition to NGS data analysis and interpretation with BRCA1/2 genes.


NGS Workflow webinar Core LIMS™

This NGS Workflow webinar requires Login on the homepage
The video gives an introduction to the in house workflow and analysis solution provided by core informatics. Focus on sequencing not on spreadsheets – Are you involved with next-gen sequencing, but still using spreadsheets, paper, client-server LIMS, or home-grown IT configurations to keep track of your sample preparation and sequencer runs? Our NGS Workflow applications for Core LIMS™ enable an efficient, modern, cost effective system for sample preparation management, including pre-built and fully traceable Illumina and Ion Torrent platform integration.


Optimization of NGS Library Preparation: Low Inputs and Fast, Streamlined Workflows

This genomeweb webinar from 2013 (58 min) introduces the NEBNext Ultra library prep kit in combination with the Illumina sequencing technology. Different institutes explain the usage of the kits in their projects. The video provides a good introduction to the sequencing workflow with hinds to products and technologies used during different steps of sequencing.


The Fundamentals of Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

(59 min) The webinar is sponsored by mobio. It gives a workflow description starting from extraction with detailed info for beginners on NGS sample preparation. The video provides a good explanation of the different workflow steps and some recommendations for solutions and optimizations. The video is very useful for non-experienced users not only for the sample preparation step.


Diagnostics & Infectious Diseases

Practical Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing in Clinical Microbiology

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
This webinar will be a discussion about current and future applications of next-generation sequencing technologies in clinical microbiology laboratories. A special focus will be placed on assays that are currently validated for clinical use.


Next-Generation Sequencing Approaches for Diagnosis of Infectious

(2015, 60 min) This webinar is a very clear understandable introduction to NGS application in diagnostics. Even without background knowledge you can easy follow the presentation. In the webinar the costs and problems of data analysis are discussed. It gives an introduction of the SURPI (SNAP) tool for fast analysis. Different examples like Lyme Disease and Ebola are discussed. Furthermore, different examples of NGS meta-genome analysis based on Illumina technology for virus identification from different materials are introduced. For example a Leishmaniasis viruses was sequenced from tissue samples and an astrovirus was sequenced from brain sample.


Webinar Provider

Biostar webinars

On the biostars website you can find an extensive list of tutorials. The tutorials mainly relate to bioinformatics.

Genomeweb webinars

On this website you find a list of different webinars that introduce and discuss commercial solutions on practical studies. The webinars require registration and they are webex based.

Illumina webinars

Illumina presents an extensive list of webinars not only related to their products. For access you need to register. The webinars are webex based.

Labroots webinars

On the labroots website you will find an extensive list with over 30 NGS related webinars.

NGS on Youtube

On Youtube you can find an extensive list of videos and tutorials on different aspects of NGS.

Nimblegen webinars

Nimblgen is a partner of Roche. It presents a list of webinars related to Roche products and their application.

Qiagen webinars

Qiagen uses 15 webinars in order to present their NGS related products.

RainDanceTech webinars

On this website are different webinars presented explaining the raindance digital PCR products and their applications.

The Beijing genomic institute (BGI)

These webinars are in Chinese language only.

ThermoFisher/ Ion torrent webinars

Ion torrent presents live webinars. Unfortunately the webinars are not stored on the website.

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