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NGS Meetings and Conferences - Single Cell Genetics

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Single Cell Genetics

Keystone Symposia - Single Cell Omics May 2017

May 26—30, 2017, Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm, Sweden
Meeting Summary

Single cell omics is a new frontier in biology, where genome-wide data is captured at the resolution of individual cells. Single cell high-throughput technologies are being developed in the areas of imaging, mass spectrometry and DNA- and RNA-sequencing, and combinations thereof. The corresponding software and visualization tools are also a large active field of research. Single cell omics has important implications for all areas of development, differentiation and cellular decision-making, because these can now be studied at unprecedented resolution. Equally, single cell omics methods are shedding new light on immunity and cancer, due to the heterogeneous cell populations involved in both areas of biology. Therefore, these approaches are revolutionizing both basic biology as well as our understanding of disease, and technologies involved in translation to medicine. Since the field is in its infancy, and there are few meetings dedicated to this topic, there is a huge unmet need in the community to congregate and exchange ideas and information about new methods and the biological insights gained. A meeting such as this will be of continuing importance until single cell omics technologies become commonplace and established, and integrated into all areas of biology.


NGS, RNA-Seq, Single Cell Analysis & Single Molecule Analysis: Oct 2017

Thursday, 5 October 2017 - Friday, 6 October 2017, Coronado Island, California

Welcome to the Select Biosciences, Inc. NGS, RNA-Seq, Single Cell Analysis & Single Molecule Analysis: Research to Diagnostics 2017 Conference.

This conference brings together technology development and applications of:
Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Single Cell Analysis (SCA)
Single Molecule Analysis (SMA)

It has become increasingly apparent that the differences between cells in the same population can be significant, and there is therefore a need for improved methods to capture and analyze individual cells such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs). The development of technologies for single cell analysis (SCA) is driving this field forward via basic research on isolated individual cells, the development of biomarker assays, and diagnostics development.

We also explore at this conference the translation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) from research to deployment in the clinical-setting for oncology, genetic testing, as well as infectious disease testing. In this vein, this conference also explores technology development and applications of RNA-Seq. This conference will also present the latest technologies/products in flow cytometry and FISH.

This conference will be co-located with the Select Biosciences, Inc. 4th Annual Liquid Biopsies and Minimally-Invasive Diagnostics 2017 and delegates from both conferences can network and engage.


5th Annual Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress Oct. 2017

10-11 October 2017, Singapore

300 attendees working within single cell analysis, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics

Over 25 case studies, presentations and panel discussions

Together with our NGS Asia Congress there will be 4 interactive streams:

Single Cell ‘Omics
Single Cell Analysis Technology
Advances In NGS Platforms And Key Therapeutic Applications
NGS: Data Analysis, Clinical Applications & Diagnostics



23-24 October 2017, Boston, USA

Over 250 delegates representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions, as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Over 60 presentations and case studies focused on single cell analysis, transcriptomics and ‘omics, single cell data analysis & bioinformatics as well as improved single cell analysis technologies

Including 6 interactive streams containing hot topics in:

3rd Annual Single Cell Analysis USA Congress:

Single Cell Analysis and Transcriptomics & ‘Omics
Applications and Technologies in Different Therapeutic Areas
Overcoming Key Single Cell Analysis Challenges

3rd Annual Next Generation Sequencing USA Congress

Exploring Emerging Trends in NGS Data Analysis & Application Strategies
The Application of NGS in Different Therapeutic Areas
NGS in Precision Medicine, Genomic Profiling and Diagnostics Development


3rd International Conference on Transcriptomics Oct. 2017

October 30 - November 01, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand

Single-cell protein (SCP) typically refers to sources of mixed protein extracted from pure or mixed cultures of algae, yeasts, fungi or bacteria (grown on agricultural wastes) used as a substitute for protein-rich foods, in human and animal feeds. The study of this single cell on molecular basis is done by Single-cell Genomics which involves different tools and techniques. Single cell sequencing involves Transcription of Cells, after which it examines the sequence information from individual cells with optimized next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies like Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq), providing a higher resolution of cellular differences and a better understanding of the function of an individual cell in the context of its microenvironment.

Transcriptomics in dying cells
Transcriptomics in dying cells
Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq)
Single-cell Genomics


5th Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress Nov 2017

9-10 November 2017, London, UK

Over 450 delegates representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Over 30 case studies and presentations focusing on single cell genomics, transcriptomics and single cell analysis technologies

Including 3 interactive streams:

Single Cell Analysis And Transcriptomics
Applications And Technologies In Oncology, Immunotherapy And Autoimmune Diseases
Overcoming Challenges In Sample Preparation, Bioinformatics And Data Analysis


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