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NGS Service Provider Registration

This global databse is established to facilitate the search for the right NGS service provider. This database will also help to find the right NGS services specialized in precision medicine genetic testing including hereditary disease and cancer screening. The database represents one of the most comprehensive web resource of NGS service providers.

For NGS service provider it is possible to describe the offered services with free text and additionally select specializations from given categories. 

  Register as NGS Service Provider  


Why should I register as NGS Service Provider on this website?
The NGS technology is applied in more and more different fields like human diagnostics, animal health and food safety, breeding, forensic, cancer and general research, the number of NGS consumers and service provider is growing rapidly. This platform helps NGS service consumer to find the best suited NGS service provider and opens up new markets to every specialized NGS service provider. 
Why I´m already registerd as NGS Service Provider?
On this website about 200 NGS service providing labs are pre-registered. For pre-registered service providers only the name, location and a link to their website are listed. In some cases a basic description of the offered services is included. If a service provider want to add additional information or does not want to be listed on this website please  contact us.
What is required for NGS Service Provider registration?
In order to register the NGS service provider needs an account on The NGS Hub website and must be logged in. After website registration it is possible to create a profile as NGS service provider.
The input form will guide you through the registration process. For more info please read the terms and conditions.
How will this database help to find the right NGS Service Provider?
Based on the (pre) defined specializations, the NGS consumer can search for the service provider that best fits to its projects and requirements. 
Is registration as NGS Service Provider free of charge?
The registration as NGS service provider is free of charge.
To enable the optimal search for NGS service consumers the NGS service provider can select between different specializations
How long NGS Service Providers are registered on this website?
The registration as NGS service provider is valid for one year. The time limit will ensure actuality of indicated services and specializations. After one your every registered service provider will obtain a reminder mail with the option to prolong its registration. 
Can I attache company logos, images or descriptive files?
Images representing company logos can be attached.

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