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Revolocity™ Enables High Performance Sequencing and Ultra High Throughput


revolocityComplete Genomics, a BGI-owned company, announced to launched Revolocity™, the first high throughput complete solution for whole genome sequencing (WGS) and whole exome sequencing (WES) at the end of 2015. The system is designed to sequence 10,000 WGS per year, with an aspired future capacity of 30,000 WGS per year. This technology surpasses the scalability of any other sequencing solution available at present. The WGS application delivers high-confidence data on small variants, copy number variants, and structural variants on 96% of the human genome at 50 x mean coverage. The system delivers high-quality data in standard file formats including FASTQ, BAM, and VCF. This enables maximum compatibility with existing workflows, datasets, and interpretation platforms and softwares.

The launch of the Revolocity™ sequencing platform was postponed. Currently (April 2016), there is no detailed information about the launch available. 

Source: Complete Genomics.

BGISEQ-500 The new Desktop Sequencer from BGI

BGISEQ-500 the integrated desktop sequencing solution features high accuracy, simplicity, speed, flexibility, and affordability. The system is based on the same technology as implemented in  the Revolocity™ high throughput sequencer that was developed by Complete Genomics a company belonging to BGI.

The sequencing accuracy of the BGISEQ-500 system is described to be over 99.99%. The accuracy matches international sequencing standards and complies with demands of clinical application.

The sequencing workflow and hands on time is reduced by integration of automated sample preparation and data analysis. Various applications can be performed by one touch operation.

The  BGISEQ-500 system features Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcode scanning technologies. These technologies enable automated sample and reagent tracking and management with its touch screen operating system.

The integrated automatic analysis software enables the whole processing from sample to result within 24 hours.

For the BGISEQ-500 system two chips (FCL and FCS) are available and can be processed in one run. Sixteen different sequencing modes are possible generating a data output between 8 Gb to 200 Gb. This enables different size sequencing projects with one single sequencing system.
Source: BGI