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Introduction to Qiagen Sequencing platforms

Qiagen entered the sequencing market with a slightly different strategy. The technologies focus on amplicon sequencing and targeted gene panels with its major application in human genetics such as inheritability and cancer screening.

Qiagen sequencing technologies - how do they work?

The PyroMark series is based on pyrosequencing similar as the Roche 454 system. The DNA fragments are coupled to beads and pyrosequencing takes place in individual wells on a pyro sequencing plate. The application is limited to amplicon sequencing an does not allow complex sequencing projects.

The GeneReader is based on Sequencing-By Synthesis (SBS) technology. Qiagen currently only applies the technology for targeted gene sequencing with Qiagen in house designed QIAact panels.

Qiagen sequencing platforms and its applications PyroMarkQ96IDs

Qiagen offers two sequencing systems, the PyroMark series and the GeneReader.
In 2015, Qiagen launched the PyroMark Q24 Advanced and PyroMark Q96 ID technology, based on pyrosequencing enabling a read length between 100 and 150 nucleotides. Adapted to Qiagen in-house qPCR and microarray assay designs. The main application of this technology is clinical testings such as the detection of SNP and CpG. The video shows how the PyroMark sequencing technology works. 

In November 2015 Qiagen announced the start the commercialization activities for its GeneReader NGS System, the first complete sample to insight next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution designed for any laboratory to deliver actionable results. Qiagen GeneReader Copyright QiagenThe major advantage over existing sequencing technologies is the simplified workflow due to the integration of library and template preparation steps. Furthermore, the GeneReader offers an integrated data analysis solution for its QIAact Panels.
The first application for the GeneReader NGS System involves QIAGEN’s new Actionable Insights Tumor Panel, the first member of the family of GeneRead QIAact panels powered by QCI®.

For more detailed information visit the Qiagen website.