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NGS Target Enrichment Panels - Forensic

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Currently, there are two major classes of application panels available that can be used for forensic analysis, for HLA typing or for human identification (HID assays).

HLA Typing Kits

NGSgo® Full Workflow

The NGSgo® Full Workflow provides you with a complete workflow, optimized and ready to go for NGS-based HLA typing.

Source: gendx


GS GType Assay

The GS GType Assay performs high- and medium-resolution genotyping of the class I and II loci of the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes using the GS GType HLA Primer Sets. 454 Sequencing Systems’ long, clonal reads provide direct, unambiguous assignment of phase for linked polymorphisms within exons.
Source: Roche


TruSight HLA

The TruSight HLA is a single, comprehensive solution for high-resolution HLA typing. A single TruSight HLA sequencing run produces typing results for 11 loci (A, B, C, DRB1/3/4/5, DQB1, DPB1, DQA1, and DPA1) per sample for 4 to 48 samples per run. TruSight HLA includes the reagents and software for high-accuracy typing and reporting in less than 4 days.
Source: Illumina


HID (Human Identification)

HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Identity

The HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Identity and Library Kit bundle is packaged for easy ordering and preparation of amplicon libraries using the HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Identity Panel (Cat. No. A25643) and an HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ library kit for sequencing on the Ion PGM™ System. The HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Identity Panel of multiplexed SNPs provides unique identification of degraded or trace samples with discrimination similar to the STR genotype match probabilities used by forensic analysts (between 1x10–31 and 6x10–35).
Source: Thermo Fisher


HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Ancestry Panel

The HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Ancestry Panel is one of the first next-generation sequencing solutions for human identification that provides DNA-based investigative leads for forensic casework samples and additional sample information for human identification researchers. Specifically, it helps determine the continental bio-geographic ancestry of a sample owner from pristine or degraded samples.
Source: Thermo Fisher