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NGS Target Enrichment Panels - Microbiology & Diagnostics

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HAI BioInnova Kit

The HAI BioInnova Kit screens each sample for 12 pathogens and 18 antibiotic resistance markers in a single tube, collapsing the workflow and cost of a dozen sequencing assays into an affordable comprehensive solution for routine use. The kit has been developed to work on Human-derived samples (sputum, stool and urine).
Source: BioInnova



Testing of hepatitis B and C nucleic acid by next generation sequencing.

Source: Pentacorelab

SQ HCV Genotyping Assay

The Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay is a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based test intended for viral genotyping from plasma or serum for research use only. This test is intended to be used on the Sentosa SX101 with the Sentosa SX Virus Total Nucleic Acid Plus II Kit in conjunction with the Sentosa ST401 and SentosaSQ301 instruments.
Source: Vela Diagnostics


VeX™ assay

Our proprietary mutation verification tagging NGS tests will be marketed as reagent assay kits that include access to cloud-based data analysis through a simple web interface. The tests will deliver clinical reports that interpret the sequencing data and accurately guide clinical management. The initial diagnostic kits will target the HIV and HCV drug resistance monitoring markets, where the VeX™ assays with mutation verification tagging technology will confer clear clinical advantages over existing commercial and emerging NGS assays. Further mutation verification tagging NGS tests will address antimicrobial resistance in healthcare-associated infections, and non-biased whole sample sequencing for pathogen discovery, diagnosis and resistance status.
Source: populationsgenetics


16s Ribosomal RNA/ DNA kits

Ion 16S™ Metagenomics Kit

The Ion 16S™ Metagenomics Kit is designed for rapid, comprehensive and broad-range analyses of mixed microbial populations using the Ion Torrent™ semiconducter sequencing workflow. The kit permits PCR amplification of hypervariable regions of the 16S rDNA gene from bacteria. The amplified fragments can then be sequenced using the Ion PGM™ Sequencing 400 Kit on the Ion PGM™ platform and analyzed using the Ion 16S™ metagenomics analyses module within the Ion Reporter™ software.
Source: Thermo Fisher