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NGS Target Enrichment Panels

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What is an NGS Target Enrichment Gene Panel?

In general an NGS target enrichment panel including primers for targeted specific amplification of genes or genome regions. Some target enrichment panels are available as commercial kits and can include primers, enzymes, and additional components required for the NGS library preparation workflow. For these kits a major difference to standard library preparation kits lies in the selective or targeted specific amplification of DNA/RNA prior to sequencing. Consequently, an NGS target enrichment panel can be defined as a solution that enables a more specific and selective application of NGS technology.

Target enrichment panels are either offered as testing services from service laboratories or are available as commercial test kits. 
Due to the fast expansion of the NGS market and its applications, the market for ready-to-use target enrichment panels and kits is expected to grow over time.
The majority of target enrichment panels currently available are for human diagnostics, especially for the detection of mutations or variants related to specific cancers, inherited diseases, or genetic markers or defects. It is expected that more target enrichment panels for other uses, such as in the diagnosis of pathogens, will be available in the future.

The NGS technology enables multiplexing of targets, with some applications allowing high sample numbers to be multiplexed if a low sequencing coverage rate is sufficient.
This website introduces a number of target enrichment panels that are currently offered as testing services or commercial kits.