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RNA/ DNA Extraction

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Nucleic acid extraction is an important step prior sequencing, the most commonly-used extraction protocols at present are either magnetic bead or spin column based. Various kits using either of these technologies are available. A general statement on which method is more favourable cannot be provided as this is dependent on the sample material and the target nucleic acid.

An alternative option for nucleic acid extraction is precipitation, using protocols which are generally more complicated, require additional resources and time, use potentially toxic reagents, and are less suitable for high throughput sequencing.

Different sample materials (e.g., bacteria, blood, cells, plants, plasma, serum, soil, stool, tissue, or viruses) can be used as source for DNA or RNA extraction. Some extraction kits are suitable for multiple types of sample material while others are restricted to specific sample material.
There are a number of nucleic acids types such as small RNA, mRNA, minus strand RNA, dsRNA, ssDNA, and dsDNA. If meta genome analysis is performed, it can become challenging to extract different types of nucleic acids within a single extraction.  Different protocols or extraction kits may be required in order to extract all nucleic acids types of interest for subsequent sequencing analysis. 

In order to find the best solution for the individual application this website lists a wide variety of products for the extraction of nucleic acids from different sample sources.