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NGS Accessories and Consumables

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This website primarily focuses on accessories and consumables directly linked to sample and library preparation, including RNA and DNA extraction.
This website will assist in selecting a product by listing products from a range of different providers on the market.


Instruments & Hardware

Workflow & Pipetting Station

NGS Bravo Option B The NGS Workstation

NGS Bravo Option B The NGS Workstation (Option B) offers the advantage of increasing throughput without affecting data quality and freeing up researchers from performing time consuming and repetitive tasks. With plate and tip handling solutions, the workstation also enables walk away automation so researchers can focus on other valuable tasks. A large number of ready automated protocols are available in an easy to use interface that does not require programming expertise.
Source: Agilent


Workstation & Insturments for Library Preparation

ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition

ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition allows you to perform 96 samples without human intervention during your libraries preparations. To do so, it operates from just after the fragmentation up through the final PCR amplification. It is in this last step at the end of the process that a sufficient quantity of interesting fragments is obtained. Moreover, with our software and its innovative SMT technology, it ensures lower process costs by reducing the quantity of tips used during your manipulations. ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition minimizes the use of your reagents and consumables during your processes and prevents waste. It also ensures minimal sample loss during treatment. At the end of your processes the yield with ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition is increased by 20% over manual treatment and process costs are highly reduced.
Source: Primadiag


Apollo 324 system

The Apollo 324 system is a benchtop instrument that ingeniously integrates and automates tedious library preparation steps. All you need to do is set up the reagents, press RUN, and turn your attention to other priorities.
Source: Wafergen Biosystems



cBot isothermally amplifies cDNA fragments that have been captured by complementary adapter oligonucleotides covalently bound to the surface of Illumina flow cells. Flow cells facilitate access of bound DNA to enzymes while ensuring high stability of surface-bound template and low non-specific binding of fluorescently-labeled nucleotides.
Source: Illumina


HTG EdgeSeq system

HTG EdgeSeq system automates our novel target capture and library prep chemistry and helps enable fast and easy use of next-generation sequencers (NGS) for microRNA (miRNA), messenger RNA (mRNA), fusions, and DNA analysis. HTG EdgeSeq system simplifies library and sample prep for targeted sequencing enhancing productivity and ease of use. HTG EdgeSeq extraction-free chemistry also can significantly reduce sample input requirements, especially from formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples. By using HTG EdgeSeq system, scientist can go from raw sample to sequencing-ready libraries in just 24 hours with less than one hour of hands-on time. HTG EdgeSeq also eliminates biases associated with DNA/RNA extraction, size selection, cDNA synthesis, and adapter ligation. This helps ensure libraries prepared from precious samples like FFPE tissue, or plasma, can be generated reproducibly. The HTG EdgeSeq informatics package greatly simplifies data analysis.
Source: HTG molecular


JANUS® Automated Workstation

JANUS® Automated Workstation (Library/ sample prep)
A liquid handling solution that provides real-time and future adaptability in throughput, plate capacity and dynamic volume range.
The JANUS Automated Workstation with proprietary Modular Dispense Technology™ (MDT) delivers all of these benefits -without compromising performance or methodology.

Source: Perkinelmer


NeoPrep Library Prep System

NeoPrep Library Prep System is an easy-to-use system for preparing high-quality NGS libraries compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms.
Source: Illumina


NGS Express™

The NGS Express™ performs library prep for benchtop sequencers. NGS Express enables preparation of up to 24 libraries and supports applications for the Ion Torrent PGM™ sequencer from Life Technologies and the MiSeq sequencer from Illumina.
Source: Perkinelmer


Hamilton's Microlab NIMBUS NGS workstation

Hamilton's Microlab NIMBUS NGS workstation provides a completely automated solution for emPCR emulsion breaking, enrichment and sequencing primer hybridization in the GS Junior System workflow. The NIMBUS NGS workstation features an integrated REM e System and provides convenient walk-away automation solution to minimize laborious manual process and reduce human errors.
Source: Roche


Sciclone NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Workstation

Sciclone NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Workstation (P/N SG3-31020-0300) is the most capable automated solution for high-throughput sequencing sample preparation. Built on the Sciclone G3 platform, the NGS Workstation is a complete benchtop solution for library prep, sequence capture, and normalization.
Source: Perkinelmer


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