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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Global Product Database

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Products

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This website introduces the major and new NGS technologies and associated products, including third party products and enzymes such as reverse transcriptase and polymerase enzymes that are needed for different sample and library preparation steps. Various products and kits covering the different NGS workflow steps including sample preparationfragmentation and fragment size selectionquality controllibrary preparationtemplate enrichment and sequencing are listed.

As nucleic acid extraction is critical for sequencing, we also introduce a wide variety of DNA and RNA nucleic acid extraction kits for different sample materials such as FFPE tissue, blood, organs, soil, single cells, viruses and many more.

Additionally, we introduce different workflow optimization instruments such as pipetting robots for setup of high throughput sequencing workflows. 


This website operates one of the most comprehensive list of targeted NGS gene panels for application in cancer diagnostics and in human hereditary disease diagnostics. Some of these NGS gene panels are available as kits whereas others are offered as in house testing solution by the corresponding service laboratory. 


This data bases aims to provide basic information on different available products in order to facilitate the search for the optimal product for your specific requirements. Each product contains a link to the detailed product description of the corresponding provider. 


Due to constant market changes, it is impossible to list and update all products from all providers, especially as some products are only available in specific regions. The listed products are not rated regarding its quality and prices. Our product list does not focus on products and consumables that are restricted in application to specific NGS technology platforms.


You will find also a large number of software tools listed in a separate category under bioinformatics/ software tools. Some of these software tools are free available as open source solution.