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Global NGS Service Provider Registry now extended to Precision Medicine

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 6. June 2016
Precision Medicine is a new field in the health care system that considers the individual conditions of a patient in order to find the best treatment methods. One of the most important individual condition is the genetic status (variability). Not least due to the national campaign in the US started by Barak Obama in 2015 different methods and molecular technologies are more and more applied in precision medicine. The next generation sequencing technology is the basis for the identification of genetic variabilities of patients.

Many major clinics, research institute, and more and more private diagnostic service laboratories implemented the NGS technology in their labs in order to offer different services for their clients and patients.

This global NGS service provider database was established in order to facilitate the search for highly specialized services that help the patients and doctors in genetic screening, diagnosis and treatment counselling for the requested diseases, disorders or any medical concerns related to genetics.

The user and patients will most effective benefit from this database if service provider use the whole functionality and provide as many information as possible about their offered services, including their specializations in genetic testing of disorders, diseases and/ or cancer types.

This registry includes already a large number of service specialization related to human genetic testing including different cancer types and disease patterns and syndromes. We are open to add more service specializations if requested by our clients.

We hope you will benefit from our services. Please contact us for comments and questions. 


Learn More About NGS Applications in Animal Health – Survey Results Now Published!

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 6. June 2016
A summary of the results of our survey: “NGS in Animal Health - Today's Applications and Future Perspectives?” are now available on The NGS Hub website. We thank all participants for taking the survey.

This survey includes questions about today's NGS application, methods and problems in animal health. Furthermore, we wanted to discover opinions of scientists, diagnostics laboratories, industries and KOLs about future perspectives of NGS in animal health.

The results showed that NGS is most often applied for research projects in animal health.
There are still a number of different factors that will influence a broader application of NGS technology in animal health, some important factors are the high sequencing costs and complexity of the workflow and data analysis.

You will find the survey results on the following website:

We hope this data will help you to better understand the current applications of NGS in animal health and it`s future perspectives. 


Promote Your Products, Services, Events and News on The NGS Hub Website!

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 6. June 2016
We want to give institutes, organizations and companies the chance to highlight and promote their latest developments, news, events, products or services on The NGS Hub website. This service is in place in order to keep the user of our website up to date with new developments. The visitors of our website and the advertiser will both benefit from this service.

We updated and adapted our system to the current standards. The client who advertise on The NGS Hub website can now decide if he wants to pay for clicks or impressions of its advertisement on our website. You will find more information about our advertisement program on this website:

If you have any questions please contact us.

We hope you will benefit from this service.


Welcome to The NGS Hub Online survey


NGS in Animal Health - Today's Applications and Future Perspectives?

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 4. Mai 2016
Today The NGS Hub launched its first online survey. This survey belongs to a series of surveys on NGS relevant topics, starting with; " NGS in animal health - today's applications and future perspectives?".

This survey includes questions about today's NGS application, methods and problems in animal health. Furthermore, we want to discover opinions of scientists, diagnostics laboratories, industries and KOLs about future perspectives of NGS in animal health.

The survey will focus on microbial research as well as on pathogen characterization and diagnostics in farming and companion animals. The survey will also cover NGS application in food safety related to animal health including the detection of zoonotic pathogens.

The significance of the survey output strongly depends on the number and diversity of its participants. We are thankful to participants from different business areas (industry, diagnostics, service provider, research institutes) that are willing to share their ideas and views. The survey will take about 10 minutes.

All surveys are executed under public access, no registration or identification is required. If personal information are facultative provided we will keep it confidential, all data will be analyzed anonymous.

A detailed summary of the survey will be published on The NGS Hub website.
These data will help to better understand the current status and the future perspectives of NGS application in animal health. Institutes, diagnostic laboratories and commercial product and service provider will obtain a better view on possible changes and future directions of NGS applications in animal health.


Global Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Bioinformatic Service Provider Registration Portal now online

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 26. April 2016logoFLLUNGNEUII
A new registration portal for NGS and bioinformatic service providers is now available on The NGS Hub website. This web portal enables registration of NGS service providers including bioinformatic services such as commercial service provider, scientific institutes, core facilities, and diagnostic laboratories.

This  service provider database helps to easily and quickly find highly specialized NGS service provider that best fit to your NGS project requirements. This database enables regional search true the embedded google MAP API function, search for service specialization, and keyword search.

Basis registration is free of charge. Every service provider can describe its services and specializations with free text. Additional, service provider can select specialization categories including technical specializations (e. g. RNA-Seq, meta genome analysis, transcriptom-, whole genome- and exom sequencing, epigenetics and more) and/or topological specializations (e.g. animal genetics, animal health,  forensic, plant genetics, virology, microbiology, human genetics, cancer diagnostics or human diagnostics).

This database represents one of the most comprehensive global web resource of NGS and bioinformatic service provider. There are more than 200 NGS service provider and about 50 bioinformatic service provider already registered. For initially registered service provider only the location and a link to their website are indicated. In some cases a short description of the offered services is included.

To obtain more information about service provider specialization and to use the whole functionality of the search function the required information need to be provided by the corresponding NGS service providers. 

We hope you will benefit from this database and appreciate comments and recommendations in order to improve our services. 


The NGS Hub goes online 

Berlin, Germany, December 17, 2015logoFLLUNGNEUII

The AUG Molecular Diagnostics Services UG today launched "The NGS Hub" website (
The NGS Hub website represents a global next generation sequencing information point. This website intends to improve transparency on the NGS market and NGS based diagnostics by providing unbiased information about products, technologies, research and news. You will find general information on NGS, the technologies and its applications.
One of the major focus lies in the application of the NGS technology in the human diagnostics including cancer diagnostics, prenatal diagnostics and general molecular genetics diagnostics. The website represents one of the most comprehensive web-resources for NGS based diagnostic solutions. These solutions are based on targeted sequencing of human genes or genome regions. You will find more information under NGS Diagnostics or under NGS target enrichment panels. These target enrichment panels are available as commercial kits from different providers or they are offered as in house testing from different NGS or diagnostic service providers.
The NGS Hub website contains different databases about NGS related meetings, publications, projects, webinars, workshops and funding organisations. Furthermore, the website introduces different software tools and a comprehensive list of bioinformatics service provider.
NGS consumer can search for NGS service provider or diagnostics laboratory on this website, it contains one of the most comprehensive list of NGS service provider.
In order to accommodate the demand for highly qualified personnel or to help you to find your professional stay The NGS Hub operates one of the most specific global job portal for NGS and genetics specific jobs.
The NGS Hub strives to constantly improve its services in order to support you in your NGS projects and appreciates comments and recommendations. 

We hope you will benefit from this web resource

Immanuel Leifer, General Manager of the AUG Molecular Diagnostic Services UG and The NGS Hub


The NGS Hub Provides updated list of Genetic Databases 

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 2. March 2016 - updated web resource of genetic databases now online
The suspected number of existing or somewhere else listed databases with genetic information probably exceeds 2000.

Associated with the first wave of success in sequencing in the last century and with the human genome sequencing project many new databases were developed. These databases often were established within certain research projects or funding programs. After finishing of these projects the databases sometimes were not maintained and updated anymore. As a result thereof many databases are still mentioned in older web resources of biologic or genetic databases but they do not exist anymore. Otherwise databases still exist but were not updated for years.

Along with the technological progress of next generation sequencing the resulting massive genetic data output requires new analysis and data storage methods and tools.

This web resource provide information about existing databases. It is not possible to obtain the latest update status of all included databases. This web resource does not provide a complete list of databases as some of the not updated and maintained databases are excluded.

The listed databases comprises different categories including: general genetic databases, animal genetics, cancer genetics, human genetics, microbial genetics, plant and fungi genetics and RNA databases.

You will find more information about included databases here


The NGS Hub improves NGS gene panel database for human genetics

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 18 February 2016 - improved database on NGS targeted gene panels for human genetics now online
The health care system including hereditary disease screening and diagnostics, prenatal diagnostics and reprogenetics is a major field for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology application.

NGS targeted gene panels enable the targeted amplification and subsequent high throughput sequencing of different genes or genome regions in the human genome. A number of genes are described wherein certain variants respectively mutations are associated with certain syndromes or hereditary diseases (disorders). These variants can lead to dysfunctions in signaling pathways, metabolism and enzymes, irregular or abnormal RNA expression of certain genes, mitochondrial defects (disorders of the mitochondrial DNA), and severe genetic disorders. Additional, epigenetic effects like changes in DNA methylation can lead to genetic dysfunction. 

Some hereditary syndromes and diseases that are associated with certain genetic variants (mutations) are for example: autism, different cardiovascular diseases, maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY), epilepsy, hypercholestorlemia, neurogenetics and muscular disorders, disorders of the kidney, the respiratory and the ophthalmic system. 

This database represents a global web resources of NGS targeted gene panels for application in human genetics. On this website genetic testing panels from different providers are introduced. Some tests are available as commercial test kits others are only offered as in house tests from the corresponding NGS or diagnostics service laboratory.

For more information on the targeted genes tested in the individual panels please contact the corresponding panel provider. For general information about genes and its functions we recommend the NCBI Gene Databases ( For more detailed information on potential variants we recommend the CliVar database from NCBI

The tests are classified into different categories according to common syndromes, diseases or organs, tissues, and body systems. A number of tests for genetic testing of multiple hereditary diseases and syndromes is listed in a general human genetic testing category. Different test panels for less common and rare syndromes and diseases are introduced in a separate category.

This database is established as knowledge base in order to improve the transparency on NGS applications in human genetics including screening, prevention, prognosis, treatment optimization, and diagnosis. The here provided information and resources can support health professionals during clinical diagnosis, prognosis, and decision making for treatment of certain hereditary diseases.

Find NGS panels for human genetics.