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NGS Hub - FAQs?

FAQs - General  |  FAQs -Job Portal  |  FAQs - Advertising Banners  |  FAQs- Service Registry

FAQs - General

What is the purpose of The NGS Hub?
The NGS Hub website intends to improve transparency on the NGS market by providing unbiased information about products, technologies, research and news. Additionally, this website offers different services for NGS consumer and commercial provider. 
What this website not intends to be?
The NGS Hub is not a blog, a forum or a news platform. It contains databases were users can systematically find information to specific topics. This website will present news on different NGS related topics but does not aim to provide a completeness or topicality of news.  
How can NGS consumers benefit from this website?
The user is informed about applications and products from different providers. Furthermore, the user will find info about meetings, workshops, webinars, funding programs, publications, NGS service and bioinformatics service provider, news and other NGS relevant topics. 
How can NGS technology provider or NGS supply provider benefit from this website?
This website is an exceptional opportunity for NGS service supplier to inform NGS users about existing or latest products. In general new products can be introduced for free. Additionally, new products can be highlighted by advertising on this website. 
How can the society benefit from this website?
This website creates an improved transparency on NGS products, technologies and its applications. Especially, in the diagnostics of pathogens, cancer and inherited diseases an enhanced transparency will improve the medical services and thus public health. Furthermore, transparency and competition will lead to improved products and diagnostics. 
How are products selected prior listing on this website?
The listed products are randomly selected. Every commercial provider can propose products or news in order to generate a comprehensive database on NGS related products. 

Why posting a job on this website?

This website offers access to all kind of NGS users and NGS services, technology, or product provider. As employer you will address your job offer to a highly specialized community. There is no comparative global platform related to NGS.


Why does The NGS Hub provides consulting in different fields related to NGS?

The rapid distribution of the NGS technology also in fields were the knowledge about the technology is limited bears the risk of suboptimal utilisation of NGS technology or its applications. It will be very beneficial to obtain the relevant knowledge priorNGS technology utilisation including for diagnostics or the planning of research projects and grand application. The NGS Hub currently establishes a network of partners that are specialized in different fields related to NGS.

FAQs - Job Portal

What is necessary for posting a job on this website?
In order to post a job, the employer must be registered to this website and logged in.
Detailed information are provided in the terms and conditions, respectively the input fields will guide you through the process of job advertising. 
Is job advertisement on this website free of charge?
The job advertisement is free of charge.
When and how long job offers are advertised?
The job offers will be published directly after completing the online job offer registration process.
Job offers will be published for one month duration. 
How Google maps synchronises the location provided in the job description?
In the detailed job description you will find a Google map displaying the job location. This information is acquired from the input field "address" therefore it is important to enter the correct address in this field. If this field is left empty the information will be extracted from the input field "location", in this case the country without detailed location will be displayed.  
Can company logos or job descriptive files be attached to the job advertisement?
Images representing company logos and PDF files describing the offered job positions can be attached. 
Does The NGS Hub provides a talent pool? 
Currently not.

FAQs - Advertising Banners

How can I advertise on this website?
In order to advertise on this website the customer can request advetising space per mail. After agreement of the publishing date and banner position it will be confirmed per mail. 
How long is the advertising published on the website?
The customer can choose between two weeks and one month for publishing the advertise. 
Which format is suitable for publishing?
Images or gif files with a maximum size of 250 x 250 pixels can be published on the advertising banners.
Your advertisment needs to be error free and ready for publishing. The NGS Hub team will not develop the marketing material.
Videofiles, audiofiles, fast animated gifs, and tickers will not be published.
Which advertising will be published?
Only advertisement in the broadest sense related to genetics or NGS will be published. This includes among others announcements of meetings, webinars, workshops or the introduction of companies, services, products, and technologies. 
How and when the advertising material should be provided?
After confirmation of the publishing date and banner position the customer has to provide the advertising material by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. latest five working days prior the agreed publishing date.
What are the costs for advertisments and how do I pay?
The costomer can choose between two options for price calculations, paying for clicks or for impressions. The cost per click is 1 Euro and the cost for 1000 impressions is 20 Euro, prices are without VAT. If wished the maximal number of impressions can be limited. 
The charged fee must be paid by invoice/ bank transfer within the first ten working days after billing. 

FAQs - NGS and Bioinformatic Service Provider Registry

Why should I register as NGS Service Provider on this website?
The NGS technology is applied in more and more different fields like human diagnostics, animal health and food safety, breeding, forensic, cancer and general research, the number of NGS consumers and service provider is growing rapidly. This platform helps NGS service consumer to find the best suited NGS service provider and opens up new markets to every specialized NGS service provider. 
Why I´m already registerd as NGS Service Provider?
On this website about 200 NGS service providing labs are pre-registered. For pre-registered service providers only the name, location and a link to their website are listed. In some cases a basic description of the offered services is included. If a service provider want to add additional information or does not want to be listed on this website please  contact us.
What is required for NGS Service Provider registration?
In order to register the NGS service provider needs an account on The NGS Hub website and must be logged in. After website registration it is possible to create a profile as NGS service provider.
The input form will guide you through the registration process. For more info please read the terms and conditions.
How will this database help to find the right NGS Service Provider?
Based on the (pre) defined specializations, the NGS consumer can search for the service provider that best fits to its projects and requirements. 
Is registration as NGS Service Provider free of charge?
The registration as NGS service provider is free of charge.
To enable the optimal search for NGS service consumers the NGS service provider can select between different specializations. The different specializations can be selected during the registration process. 
How long NGS Service Providers are registered on this website?
The registration as NGS service provider is valid for one year. The time limit will ensure actuality of indicated services and specializations. After one your every registered service provider will obtain a reminder mail with the option to prolong its registration. 
Can I attache company logos, images or descriptive files?
Images representing company logos can be attached.