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The NGS Hub – Mission Statement

Global NGS Information Resource

The NGS Hub is an independent global next generation sequencing information resource.
This website helps the users to find the best solution for their NGS related requests and problems by providing information about products, technologies, application, research and news. Different databases about NGS related meetings, publications, projects, webinars, workshops, software tools and genetic databases are integrated in this website.

The health care system including cancer screening and prevention, cancer prognosis and treatment, prenatal diagnostics and genetic based diagnostics is the major field for NGS application. The NGS Hub informs about opportunities and limitation of NGS applications in precision medicine. In order to enhance the transparency, we operate one of the most comprehensive database of NGS based gene panels for screening or testing of genetic related disorders and disease.


NGS and Bioinformatic Services Contact Point

To find the best partner for your NGS projects we established one of the largest global database of NGS and bioinformatic service provider including core facilities, commercial service provider, diagnostic and human genetic heritability and cancer screening service laboratories.


Independent Market Research Services

We support companies, institutes and organizations during market potential and demand analysis by performing customer surveys. This can help to avoid false investments, develop innovative products, connect better to your clients and open new markets. Finally, all of us will benefit from improved products and services.