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The NGS Hub improves NGS Cancer Panel Database

The NGS Hub, Berlin, 12 January 2016 - improved database on NGS target enrichment panels for cancer genetics now online
The health care system including cancer screening and prevention, prognosis and treatment, inheritability diagnostics and sequencing based diagnostics is a major field for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology application.

NGS target enrichment panels enable the targeted amplification and subsequent high throughput sequencing of different genes in the human genome that are associated with elevated risk for development of cancer. The individual panels differ in the number of genes and in the genes that are sequenced. A number of genes are described wherein certain mutations are clearly associated with elevated risk of certain cancer types for example the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are associated with breast cancer. Other regulatory genes are related to cell growth and apoptosis and can enhance the risk to develop multiple cancer types. Examples are the tumor protein TP53 encoding gene or the PTEN gene, both genes are described to encode tumor suppressor proteins. Other genes are believed to be associated with an elevated risk for developing cancer but it still needs to be proved.
For more information of the genes tested in the individual panels please contact the corresponding provider. For general information about genes please search the NCBI Gene Databases (

The NGS Hub improved the database of NGS target enrichment panels for cancer genetics on its website. This database represents a global web resources of NGS target enrichment panels for cancer genetics. On this website genetics testing panels from different providers are introduced. Some test are available as commercial test kits others are only offered as in house tests from the corresponding NGS or diagnostics service laboratory.

The tests are classified into different categories according to common cancer types. A number of tests for genetic testing of multiple cancer types is listed in a general cancer tests category. Different test panels for less common or rare cancer types are also introduced.

This database is established as knowledge base and in order to improve the transparency on NGS applications for cancer genetics including screening, prevention, prognosis, treatment optimization, and diagnostics. The provided information and resources can support health professionals during clinical diagnosis, prognosis, and decision making for cancer treatments.

Every NGS target enrichment panel provider for cancer genetics and diagnostics is welcome to inform us about new and existing testing panels we can add to this database.

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