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Global Job Portal for NGS, Genetics and Bioinformatics



The NGS Hub provides a unique global Job Portal for jobs related to Next Generation Sequencing, genetics, bioinformatics and genetic diagnostics including all kinds of jobs such as PhDs, scientists, technicians, trainees, customer service, sales, product manager,  bioinformaticians, human genetics and diagnostics or jobs somehow related to genetics.  

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Why posting a job on this website?

This website offers access to a large community of NGS user including bioinformaticians, service provider, technology or product provider and scientists. The same people that look for NGS-items on this website can become your future employees once you publish your job offers! There is no comparative global platform related to NGS.

We will highlight new job offers periodically in our twitter and linkedin accounts as well as in our newsletter.

What is neccessary for posting a job on this website?

In order to post a job, the employer must be registered to this website.
Detailed information are provided in the terms and conditions, respectively the input fields will guide you through the process of job advertising.

Is job advertisement on this website free of charge?

The job advertisement is free of charge.

How long job offers will be published?

New job offers will be published for one month and afterwards removed automatically. If wished job offers can easily prolonged or removed at any time.

How is google maps synchronised with the location provided in the job description?

In the detailed job description you will find a google map displaying the job location. This information is aquired from the input field "address" therefore it is important to enter the correct address in this field. If this field is left empty the information will be extracted from the input field "location", in this case the country without detailed location will be displayed.

Can company logos or job descriptive files be attached to the job advertisement?

Images representing company logos and PDF files describing the offered job positions can be attached.

Does The NGS Hub provides a talent pool?

Currently not.