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Global Job Portal for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Bioinformatics and Genetics

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NGS is one of the fastest growing application in life sciences with institutes looking for PhDs, scientists, technicians or trainees and many companies developing new markets and increased demand for qualified personnel such as customer service, sales, product manager or bioinformaticians.
Consequently, a global job portal is the best possibility to serve the needs of the global NGS market.

For job seekers: Find your position in industry, research or health care!

The NGS Hub provides a global unique job portal for jobs related to next generation sequencing (NGS), genetics, bioinformatics and genetic diagnostics including all kinds of jobs such as PhDs, scientists, technicians, trainees, customer service, sales, product manager, bioinformaticians, human genetics or diagnostics or somehow related to genetics.
This website enables a user friendly job search. By using the Google Map geo location function the job seeker will first find local job offers. The advanced search function in the Google Map enables to look for job categories in certain regions.

How can employers benefit from posting jobs on The NGS Hub website?

Due to the integration of the job portal in this global NGS information web resource advertising a job offer on The NGS Hub website will address your request to a large audience of qualified and interested people.

Especially employers benefit from:

• Free job advertising
• Company logos and job descriptive PDF files can be added to the job offer
• Job offers can be highlighted by framing or set on first position
• Job offers will be removed automatically
• Job offers can easily be prolonged or removed at any time
• New job offers will periodically highlighted in our twitter and linkedin accounts
• New job offers will be propagated in our regular newsletters
• New job offers will be included in our RSS Newsfeed

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