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Why is Intellectual Property (IP) important in the context of NGS developments?

You may have something to protect
Your developments, whether novel methods or devices, may be eligible for protection as a patent. Having a patent provides you with a broad range of commercial opportunities. Licensing your patented invention to others may help you to concentrate on scientific work, and leave the commercial development to established players. Similarly, you might choose to exclude your competition from copying your products and protect your commercial space from intruders.

Not every development can be protected, however, and patent offices in different countries take varying views on what is patentable. We have been active in the field of molecular diagnostics for more than a decade now and follow recent USPTO and EPO practice closely, working with expert colleagues internationally.

Weighing the commercial opportunity against the cost of worldwide protection is an important aspect of our consulting. We can help you to assess the likelihood of getting a commercially relevant patent, understand the timelines and costs associated with building an international portfolio, and assist you in contacting potential licensees and negotiating a contract.
The names and logos you use in promoting your company and its products may also constitute valuable IP. We can help you to select well-defendable trademarks at a cost that is commensurate with the value generated.

Be aware of third party IP
While having your own trademarks and patents might be a key asset, you also need to be mindful of the rights of other players in your field. Trademark infringement cases are easily brought. They can be distracting and, if not resolved positively, may force you to build a new brand, with the investment in your marketing largely wiped out. We can help to minimize the risk of conflict by consulting before you establish a brand, and help if conflict has already arisen.

Proper patent due diligence in assessing your freedom to operate (FTO) when launching a product is a must. The cost of proper FTO searches, however, can be prohibitive. We have developed models to help you map out the IP landscape of your field, identify others’ possibly conflicting patent rights, and deal with the situation in a pragmatic and cost-effective fashion.


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