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Genetic Databases

General Genetics Databases Animal Genetics | Cancer Genetics | Human Genetics | Microbial Genetics | Plant & Fungi Genetics | RNA Databases

Introduction to Genetic Databases

There are numerous databases containing genetic or sequence information. With the progress of the first generation sequencing technology and associated with the human genome sequencing project many new databases were developed. Different web resources for genetic databases contain many dead links to putative genetic databases that were developed as part of specific projects. After finishing these project the databases sometimes were not maintained and updated anymore. Even if databases still exist there are a lot of databases that are not updated since years. 

The technological progress of next generation sequencing generates massive genetic data and requires new analysis methods and tools. Different data formats, analysis tools, and usability of the databases makes it difficult to compare and merge data from different databases. Great efforts are undertaken to streamline access to data and cross link different databases. A number of tools and databases already exist that have access to different existing databases and enable cross linking of these information.

Not all existing databases allow complete public access. Data privacy regulations make it even more challenging to publish and cross link data. 

This website lists a number of databases including state public databases and databases maintained by commercial provider. 

General Genetics

This category includes databases with general genetic information of multiple species or specific information such as of structural variants, single nucleotide polymorphism, toxicogenomics, exome sequencing, pathogenicity or phenotype-genotype information. 

Animal Genetics

This category contains databases related to animal genetics including databases of model organism such as mouse, fly, zebrafish and other animals such as birds, pigs or horses

Cancer Genetics

This category contains databases related to cancer genetics. It contain specific databases related to cancer including such as mouse model specific cancer databases and colorectal cancer database, or global cancer genetic databases such as the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the COSMIC database.

Human Genetics

This category contains databases about clinical variants, individual disorders like Alzheimer`s disease, the mitochondrial genome, and different RNA databases related to human genetics. You will find more databases related, but not restricted to human genetics, in the category RNA databases. Many of the databases listed in the general category contain also data about human genetics but also of other species. 

Microbial Genetics

This category introduced databases with genetic information of microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. It contains for example databases of phages, E. coliinvertebrate vectors of human disease, and 16S rDNA of bacteria. Databases with 16S rRNA genetic information of bacteria and other species are listed in the category RNA databases. 

Plant & Fungi Genetics

This category list a number of plant and fungi genetic databases including for example databases of maize, arabidopsis, banana, yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and general databases such as the 1000plants and the plant DNA C-values database.  

RNA Databases

This category list different RNA databases including information about tRNA, long noncoding RNAs, miRNA, piRNAs, snoRNAs, tmRNAs, and ribosomal RNAs.

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